Internal Portraits


A series of portraits and self-portraits.
The works in this series are created in two steps: creation of portrait and retouching (digital photo).

In this series I try to consider, and dream about internal world of the person. Slightly open the internal secrets or highlight features of human nature. By creating a series - I want to try to reflect the world, which are often hidden from the human eyes, which is stored deep inside. I think, such exaggeration sometime artistically justified. At first glance it seems too shocking, however, if you look deeply ... inside. You may open the door into the "rabbit hole".

This series continues my reflection on “key” - human desire to find a "key" and take possession of it, in this lies the sacred meaning - know yourself and world around, open all doors, find independence, become free.

This is main reason why I start this series of self-portrait.

Photography: Belko Alex
Models: Belko Alex, Babosova Kate, Katerina I-golka, Alice, Ann Soroka