Belko Alex


Belko Aleksey was born in Minsk, Belarus in 1983. His works are mainly performed in the art photography technique (digital art photography). The technique is based on the post-processing of raw materials.

While studying at the institute, Alexey got into graphics. During this period the style and direction of his works were influenced by Dali’s art works. Then he was fond of Giger and Beksinski.

At the age of 18 Aleksey decided on design as a career and began to learn graphic design tools. During that period, photography integrated into his work so he learned the technique of retouching.

The first full-fledged project Kaleidoscope consisting of 15 works was started in 2009. The project participated in IPA photo awards, AdMe and others competitions and was awarded twice in the IPA RUSSIA-2013 competition: (SPECIAL /SPECIAL /Digitally Enhanced / Gold and SPECIAL /SPECIAL 2nd Category Winner). In 2016 the new work of this series got the Silver award in the category SPECIAL /SPECIAL /Digitally Enhanced.

In 2017 another work of the series Internal portraits was commended by Sony World Photography Awards jury.

Also some of his works were noted on the online newspaper La Republica in the art section in 2013.

Alexey did a course in the Art Photography at the Belorussian Designers' Association in 2010 and he also took an oil painting course.

The classical works of such artists as Rembrandt, Durer, Van Dyck inspired him to create a new project called Internal Portraits, which combines classic portrait and computer graphics (digital art) techniques as the quintessence of history and modernity.

Member of the project Artbelarus Autumn salon in 2016 and 2017